Do you have any suggestions for answering contract law questions on a bar or law school exam?

Yes.  I'm actually planning to put together some material just on answering bar exam questions and law school test questions but here is a quick tip that should earn you some points and help you answer any contract law question.  

When you see a contract law question typically you want to think about the following two issues first: Does the Uniform Commercial Code apply?  Does the Statute of Frauds apply?  For example, if there is a contract for the sale of goods priced at more than $5000, then the UCC applies.  If a contract can't be completed in less than one year, an agreement in consideration for marriage (marry me and I'll buy you a car - - does anyone do this????), an agreement to buy or sell real estate etc., then the Statute of Frauds applies and the contract should be in writing.

Don't forget to answer both these questions first.  If it is an essay question make sure you write down your analysis with respect to the UCC and the Statute of Frauds even if you think the answer is obvious. 

Below is a link to a short video on the Statute of Frauds and you'll find in the video a link to more vids on contract law.



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