Can a contract case ever go to federal court?

Someone asked:

"is it possible that contract law is in the decision of judge in Federal? Is there any case in Federal court?"


The person asking the question is correctly noting that contract cases in the United States are almost always decided under state law (there are some exceptions).  If that's true, can a contract case ever go to federal court?

Of course!  Remember, a state law claim can go to federal court if we have diversity subject matter jurisdiction.  If the parties are citizens of different states and the amount in controversy is greater than $75,000, then a state law contract claim, state law tort claim, etc. can go before a federal court.  The federal court applies state law to the case, although the parties are in federal court.  There are other possibilities where a state law claim can be decided in federal court but diversity jurisdiction is, I think, the most likely scenario.  

Below is a short video on diversity subject matter jurisdiction:



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